About Us

We are the team that makes learning fun!

Epic 4D is an industry leader in educational software and video games. Our highly talented and skilled designers, animators, programmers, and education consultants have an enviable record of success in creating world-class educational apps and e-learning software.

As a premier app developer, Epic 4D focuses on delivering the highest quality products and problem-free user experiences. The company’s principals and associates have decades of experience helping change mass media, game programming, animation, and k-12 education. We built the world’s largest English-language trivia video game, and a key member of our team helped found Tortuga Labs, which won the 2013 White House International app challenge.

We know a lot about engaging and teaching children and young adults, and our applications consistently exceed industry standards. The Itty Bitty Book App is a prime example of the exceptional quality of our work.

Created by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, the Itty Bitty Book App is a unique writing tool that enables children and young adults to transform every writing assignment or project into a polished, sharable e-book or newspaper. This one-of-a-kind software is designed to take the tedium out of writing and inspire the imagination and creativity of a generation of young writers.

The app’s proprietary programming allows students to create postcards, calendars, audiobooks, chapter books, picture books, comic books, and newspapers on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The versatile application is equally valuable for homes and schools and can be used for creative writing, STEM projects, and ELA classes.

Look for our future products as we reshape the education landscape one app at a time.